It all started in 2015 when Jérémie Douchy and Jerôme Gobin went in Iceland for their holydays bringing all their filming gear. They came back with a huge amount of footage and asked Jonathan if he would be interested in doing something with those footage. He reached Paul to know if he wanted to be part of it and it all began...
After derushing and deciding wich of the shots were usable for a short Jonathan and Paul wrote a script (a very short script more a plot than a script actually) and they made an animation preview... Being huge fans of Sci-fi the film mood was easy to choose.
After agreeing on the animation preview they reached Jacob to design the score and he was given a free hand on his part of the project.
This project was entirely made on our spare time between commercial projects over the course of less than one year. This project was made unpretentious just for fun and was an excuse to test new techniques and softs.
We all hope you enjoyed it and thanks for watching !
Here is the link for the Making of :
Jérémie Douchy :
Jérôme Gobin :
Jonathan Van Roosbeke :
Paul Louis :
Jacob Thomas Czech :

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